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When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface.

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Black chicken hotpot

Not picky as many other dishes but Anise sapa’s Black Chicken Hot Pot gives customers incredible charm. Black chicken, also known as “Evil Chicken,” is bought by the people in the village to be prepared and combined with the sophisticated recipe of the hotpot broth will create a great taste when enjoying this dish. In addition, black chickens are very good for health such as regulating blood flow, treating weak kidneys, often used for female postpartum spray and those with weak health.

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup is a delicious, nutritious dish that is often used as an appetizer in parties or snack foods for children. Besides, the simple ingredients, how to cook pumpkin soup quickly are also factors that make this soup popular with many people.

Crispy pork knuckle

Balan-style crispy spring rolls served with potatoes, pickles and sauces: this is the perfect combination of western food combined with Vietnamese pickles to create a perfect balance of taste, medium dish ripe soft inside, crunchy outside.

Our Awesome Restaurant


We call our nice restaurant Sapa Cuisine. The purpose is to introduce to our clients the result of passionate local chefs offering traditional home style cooked cuisine through that our clients can "get more from the local life". The restaurant and outdoor terrace are decorated with the local collected ornament plants giving the harmony with the nature, that provide the perfect settings for relaxing and socializing after a great day of your trekking in the Sapa regions.

Inside, the restaurant is decorated in luxury style, getting the sunlight in summer and always heated in winter time with a cozy wood fire.

Operating hours: 09:30 to 22:00


Tasty Menu Today


Baggette & Burgers

  • Baggette Pate80.000 VND
  • Baggette with smoked meats99.000 VND
  • Buffalo Burger175.000 VND
  • Chichen Berger with Bacon150.000 VND
  • Egges Berger with Bacon220.000 VND

Hot Pot (for 2 guests)

  • Vegeterian Hot Pot350.000 VND/2 PAX
  • Sapa Trout & Sturgeon Hot Pot550.000 VND/2 PAX
  • Black Chicken Hot Pot500.000 VND/2 PAX
  • Mix Hot Pot600.000 VND/2 PAX

Good Food Is Our Passion


Each season, we serve the best organic produce available from local suppliers. We work closely with our local suppliers to ensure both quality and variety of the food is healthy in the dishes we serve our guests. Our menu changes regularly to feature the season's produce while maintaining a broad selection of local food from Sapa and the surrounding regions.


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21 Xuan Vien Street (002 Stone Steps Victoria), Sapa Town

+84-214 3873 579